The Heart's Intelligence

As technology and economic thinking are invading and controlling more and more aspects of our lives, it is no longer self-evident that genuine backgrounds in the form of family, community and culture can sufficiently provide us with the positive challenges for an inspired and fulfilling life.

Fundamentally we're still the same. Technological progress has made life easier on a practical level, but this has not superseded our need for universal orientation and values.

The ancient wisdom of valuing the heart over any other organ including the brain is deeply embedded in our language: follow your heart, a courageous heart, know by heart, trust your heart.. Today's research is re-discovering that the way we think and feel directly influences our individual and social life and even our environment.

This is where we recognize the central role of the heart. Our heart mediates all the information from our brain, body and senses, and is at every single moment deeply involved in adjusting our responses.

We deeply understand that the certainty of a fulfilling life lies in feeling authentically connected, while pursuing truly worthwhile personal goals at the same time. This greatly increases our capacity to explore our full creative potential and develop personal competences - by managing our emotions no matter what is going on.

It is for this reason that we must reconnect with the intelligence of our heart - as the heart, by its very nature, is equipped to help generating and adjusting these universal principles and values in life. This, in short, is Internal Cardiac Coherence. And it can truly be measured and entrained.

On the personal level you may wish to experience the benefits of working with, and increasing heart coherence. As a successful health care professional, psychiatrist or therapist, we are faced with maximum enabling our clients to have a sense of well being so that they can function effectively in their daily lives.

The CardioGem® program, based on long standing research and the newest scientific insights and developments puts you at the leading edge of understanding, diagnosing and entraining the true power of internal cardiac coherence.