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Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor

The discourse is on “Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor.” It is one of the human wonts that whatever we do not know, in order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections, we either say that it is non-existent, or in a more intelligent style, we will say it is an abstract. In this universe of ours, whatever comes within the scope of our senses or within the periphery of our perception, we say, “It is,” and whatever is beyond the arena of the senses or the jurisdiction of perception, we cannot say anything. Hence, our world functions within the limitations of our senses and perceptions. We know in the realm of Cosmic introvert or extrovert that in the first phase – that is, in the phase of extrovert – “subtle” is transmuted into “crude”, and in the returning phase of introvert, “crude” is metamorphosed into “subtle”. In this progress, rather in this semicircular approach, there may be subtler objects in the scope of matter – many objects subtler than electrons or protons, [neutrons] or positrons – but we find no alternative but to say that they are either electron or proton or positron or neutron. And similarly, in the psychic sphere there may be entities subtler than ectoplasm or its extra-psychic coverage, endoplasm.

There are entities which come within the realm of both physicality and psychic expressions which are smaller or subtler than atoms, electrons or protons, and in the psychic realm may be subtler than ectoplasm. For such objects or for such entities I use the term “microvitum”. This microvitum, or in plural microvita, are not of protoplasmic order, and as such they have got little to do with carbon molecules or carbon atoms, which are treated as the initial points or initial stage of life in this universe. So far as physicality is concerned, the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and electron, but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron.

It is a human wont that whatever we know regarding any subject or any object, when we know that it exists but its characteristics or other particulars are not known to us, we say it is “mysterious”. So regarding these microvita, we may say it is mysterious. That is why I used the term “microvitum, the mysterious emanation of cosmic factor”. They are not of protoplasmic order, and hence the question of their protozoic structure or metazoic structure does not arise. They are something mysterious.

Now, these microvita are not of the same density or the same subtlety. Some of them may come within the range of a highly developed microscope; and some of them may not come within the range of a microscope, but by their actional expression or through their actional faculty or as a result of their actional vibrations, they may come within the scope of our perception. They are of subtler order. There may be still more subtle forms of microvita which may not come directly within the scope of our perception but may come within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the range of perception in a limited sphere.

So these microvita may be broadly divided into three categories – first, those coming within the scope of a microscope; secondly, those not coming within the scope of a microscope but coming within the scope of perception as a result of their expression, as a result of their actional vibration; and thirdly, those not coming within the scope of common perception but coming within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the periphery of perception. Such perception – that special type of perception – may be felt or realized by persons having highly developed minds, having spiritually oriented minds.

Regarding these microvita of crude order which may come within the scope of a microscope, people give them the name “virus”. They say, “This disease is of virus origin.” But virus is a vague term. The better term will be microvitum, and not virus.

Now, these microvita move throughout the entire universe, from one celestial body to another. They move everywhere, crossing the boundaries of nebulae, piercing through milky ways, galaxies, stars, satellites, planets and meteors. They move unbarred, without caring for the atmospheric conditions or barometric readings. How do they move? Everybody requires some media for movement. Mobility means movement through a medium or media. There may be more than one medium, that is, there may be many media at a time in the same movement. These microvita also move through several media. They move through sound. The so-called virus of a diseased person may move through his or her sound. They may move through tactuality. They may move through forms or figures. In the case of some of the diseases, the disease spreads through the smell of the disease, and in the case of subtler metavita [microvita], they may move through ideas. A particular idea may get accelerated speed in a particular planet with the help of a few conceptually developed minds. That is, a great man with a great conceptually developed mind may spread his ideas with the help of these microvita throughout that planet, or even throughout this universe in different celestial bodies.

Now, what is the root cause of this universe? Which is the starting point of life or vitality? These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules. These living creatures with their mysterious movement create minds and bodies, living bodies in different celestial bodies, and they also destroy minds and physical bodies, or developed or undeveloped corpor, in any corner of this universe. So the root cause of life is not the unicellular protozoa or unit protoplasmic cell, but this unit microvitum.

Now, there should be extensive research work regarding this microvitum or these microvita. Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way. As Pramá [equilibrium and equipoise] is an essentiality in the field of intellectuality or intellectual pursuit, similarly in the higher intellectual realm research work on these microvita is extremely necessary. Here we should again remember the fact that these microvita are a creation in the internal phase, rather in the returning phase of cosmic expression. We are human beings with developed intellect. I think, rather I hope, rather I am sure that the day is sure to come when human beings will have proper control over these microvita.

In ancient times, regarding the singular or collective structures of these microvita, the ancient rśis [sages] said that they are of seven types, of seven species, and gave them the names: yakśa, gandharva, vidyádhara, kinnara, siddha, prakrtiliina and videhaliina according to the nature of their subtlety or the nature of their crudeness.

I think, by dint of our spiritual sádhaná, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sádhaná, our minds will develop in all [[their]] strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita.

31 December 1986 RU, Calcutta.
Published in:
A Few Problems Solved Part 8
Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]

Matter and Abstract

The subject of today's discourse is “Matter and Abstract.” Some intellectuals are of the opinion that matter is bottled-up energy. No, matter is not bottled-up energy. The characteristics and different wonts and specialties of energy are quite different from those of matter. The mass of matter has got nothing to do with energy.

What is matter? It is “known I” in the cosmic arena in different planes of inferences, and these planes of inferences have nothing to do with one another. They have got minimum proximity to one another. Somewhere there is maximum solidity, somewhere maximum dilution, and these phases of dilutions and solidities vary in huge number. So matter is not bottled-up energy.

Chlorophyll and sun rays are not the same thing. Sun rays are light energy, which as per the rule, may be converted into electrical energy, sound energy, magnetic energy and so many energies known and unknown to the world. They are interchangeable and inter-transmutable. But the position of matter is not such.

Chlorophyll is helped, is moved, by sun rays. It is the inherent wont of energy to create movement. Rather, energy and movement are inseparable. They are inseparable from each other. Chlorophyll is conveyed, is carried, by sun rays – and not only sun rays, but by the different rays of different celestial bodies. And this movement of different bodies through the media of energies does not pass in a straight line; that is, the movement is of systaltic character, of pulsative nature.

Where this movement in the plane of inferences of cosmic nature, that is, in the cosmic arena, creates a reflection only, there the reflected energy creates a sort of sentient reaction. And where there are reflections as well as refractions, these are of mutative character, creating mutations of various nature. And where there is no reflection, only refractions, they are of static nature. There is staticity in them. So matter is not bottled-up energy – it is “known I” in the cosmic arena, in the arena of the cosmos.

Now, the entity or entities coming within the conception of the mind are pure abstract, and those coming within the perceptions or feelings of the sensory or motor organs are matter, pure matter. But the position of energy and microvita is on this silver line of demarcation between matter and abstract. Energy generally comes within the range of perception, but not always. Energy in its subtle form does not come within the range of perception. Subtle microvita also do not come within the range of perception, but they come within the range of conception.

You know, both microvita and energy are active in different planes of expressions, that is, in different physical or psycho- spiritual planes of the unit or collective propensities, and in the physical planes of inferences. But microvita are more active in the physico-psycho-spiritual strata, and energy is more active in the physical planes of inferences.

Regarding the strength or influence of energy and microvita, this much can be said – energy is stronger in the physical planes of inferences than in the physico-psycho-spiritual planes of the unit and collective propensities. And microvita are stronger in the physico-psycho-spiritual realm of the unit mind.

Regarding positive and negative microvita – negative microvita function in a better way in the physical and physico-psychic strata, and positive microvita in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata.

So there should be maximum utilization of the potentialities of the expressed and emanated energy as well as of the expressed and emanated microvita, both positive and negative. There is also use of negative microvita for the all-round and integrated development of this living world.

Microvita influence human intellect and also a portion of human intuition. The favourite fields of positive microvita are the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata, and the favourite fields of negative microvita are the physical and physico-psychic strata.

Energy is a blind force. It has got no conscience – what is to be done or what should not be done, this sort of conscience is lacking in energy. But microvita are not like that; that is, they are not blind forces. They have the support of conscience behind them. This is another fundamental difference between energy and microvita.

The effect of energy on different material bodies comes within the periphery of human knowledge if the wavelength is of medium standard – not extremely long or not extremely short. But the effect of microvita is to be felt – it cannot be expressed through language, it cannot be shown in the physical level. You must not try to acquire that occult power, but sometimes, by the grace of Parama Puruśa, it appears automatically.

Microvita, like energy, pass through various planes of inferences, and also through various planes of propensities. In the inference of say touch, microvita increase the temperature in the external sphere and decreases it in the internal sphere. In the case of odour, they decrease the temperature in the external sphere and increase the same in the internal sphere. But generally, regarding other inferences, such as sound and others, sometimes they may increase externally and sometimes they may decrease externally, according to the medium through which those microvita pass.

Now, energy is inter-transmutable and interchangeable, but matter is not inter-transmutable or interchangeable. It undergoes metamorphosis, metamorphosis once, but not always; that is, one way but not vice versa. In the cosmic arena, in the cosmic stratum, if we try to dissociate what we feel or what we conceive or what we perceive into the “knower” and “known” portions, the cosmos in the physical level is the “doing” entity in the physical level and is microvita; and the “done” portion is the world of physicality. And the “knowing” faculty in the cosmic level is the supreme cause or the subtlest form of energy, and the “known” portion or the “known” counterpart is the psychic and psycho-spiritual worlds.

Energy, if it comes in direct contact with this world of physicality, is converted into so many energies – magnetic energy, electrical energy and many other energies. And when that very energy functions through the cosmic “known” world, the Cosmic “Known” Entity, then it creates different psychic faculties, different psychic worlds. And if after passing through the Cosmic “Known” Entity it comes down towards the plane of cosmic or individual propensities, its movement is towards the crude, towards crudification. But if it moves towards the cosmic cognitive faculty it is converted into psycho-spiritual movement, and finally spiritual movement or into the Spiritual Entity.

Similarly, a microvitum, although it is initially the “doer” portion of the cosmic arena, if it passes through the expressed world of “done”, then it may create something good or something bad in the universe. If the movement is from a subtler plane to a cruder plane, it deteriorates or depraves the human mind or the standard of human conduct. But if the movement is towards a subtler plane, towards the subtler inferences of cosmic light, then it helps human beings, it helps spiritual aspirants, to attain the goal.

Microvita, when passing through different planes of inferences and also planes of propensities, can not only change the bodily temperature or temperatures of the mass, they can also create a radical change in the psychic wave, a change in wavelengths, a change in hormone secretion, and metamorphosis and transmutation in the mass and movement of hormones. This should also be carefully remembered and noted.

It is the duty of the intellectuals of the world to continue doing research work regarding the movements of energy and of microvita when passing through the “done” world of the cosmic or individual propensities, or through the “known” world of cosmic inferences, or passing through both types of planes; and also regarding the movement of energy passing through the plane of the “known” or the “knowing” world – the world of the “known” counterpart of the cosmos – and also through the world of individual propensities and different planes of individual inferences.

I would like intellectuals in the future to conduct experiments in their external physical laboratories and also in their internal psycho-spiritual laboratories. And you boys and you girls, you are to help them in accelerating the speed of their research work.

3 June 1989 Renaissance Universal, Anandanagar
Published in:
Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]

Cult, Inference and Propensity

The subject of today's discourse is “Cult, Inference and Propensity.” The path that leads or goads the aspirant unto Parama Puruśa is “cult” in the true spirit of the term. Where the goal is something finite, where the pabulum is something limited, the path and the movement cannot be treated as cult.

Spiritual practice is based on cult: adherence to the doctrine of cult is started and practised in the primordial phase by the doer “I” of all living beings. The doer “I” keeps on thinking, “I am working, I am eating, I am seeing, I do not know anything, I know so many things.”

In living beings other than humans, the doer “I” is not properly expressed, and that is why they cannot establish their individual identity or do spiritual practice. In certain animals like dogs and monkeys, the doer “I” is a bit more expressed or developed than in other creatures. That is why in the future they may also be in a position to do this practice.

You should also remember that this doer “I” performs spiritual practice with the help of vital energy, not with the help of positive or negative microvita. In fact, the vital energy accelerates the speed of spiritual progress. Microvita, positive or negative, help the aspirant in his or her movement, but the aspirant cannot utilize the microvita.

When the doer “I” of the aspirant is goaded towards the Supreme Entity, it uses the vital energy acquired through different quinquelemental factors, passing through different planes of inferences, and through different propensities of the human mind, without suppressing those propensities of the mind. The question of suppression, repression and oppression does not arise in the realm of spiritual cult. You are simply to maintain equilibrium and equipoise – that is, you are to move maintaining proper parallelism with the fundamental propensities of the human mind. So spiritual practice is performed by the doer “I” with the help of energy, of so many energies which are converted into vital energy when they pass through the different planes of inferences.

It is not proper to think that this movement, this spiritual advancement, is something purely of individual character. No entity in this universe exists individually. Ours is a universal family. Each and every entity – living and non-living, moving and non-moving – helps others in maintaining not only their equilibrium, but also the equipoise of the entire universe, not only of this small planet Earth. We are to move together with all.

Even if an ant dies a premature death, it is bound to jeopardize the balance of the entire universe. Even if a 110 year old widow thinks that her life has no existential value on this planet, that she is a mere burden to society, it is a defective idea. No – even the life of such an old widow contributes to maintaining the balance of the universe. If such an old person dies prematurely, it is bound to jeopardize the balance of the universal society.

If people think that they will make steady progress in the spiritual sphere even if the society goes to the dogs, they are mistaken. You who are genuine spiritualists should practise spiritual cult thinking that by doing so you will become effective in maintaining the universal balance. You must think, “I will personally move towards the supreme desideratum, and at the same time I will try to assist those who are suffering from despair, those steeped in blind superstition and those wallowing in poverty.” Our family is universal, our abode is also universal.

Hararme pitá gaorii mátá
Svadesha bhuvanatrayam.

“The Universal Father, Shiva, is our Father. The Universal Mother, Gaorii, is our Mother. She is the causal matrix. And this universe is our homeland.”

This spiritual cult is the only cult; others are not cult, they are mere dogma. If the cult is proper – if it is cult in the true spirit of the term – it creates a sort of subtlety in one's mental flow. Under such circumstances, we receive necessary help from positive microvita. This help that we receive by dint of our spiritual practices is composed of eight occult powers. These powers are known as “occult” because they are acquired through cult. But while acquiring these occult or so-called “miraculous” powers, we cannot do anything without the help of positive microvita. These occult powers are ańimá, laghimá, mahimá, iishitva, vashvitva, prakámya, prápti and antaryámitva. The entity who is endowed with all of them is known as “Iishvara”.

Ańimá means “converting one's psychic existence into a small point and then transforming it into a minimum entity.” One may understand anything by entering into each and every physical particle and becoming one with the different waves of expression and emanation, by dancing with the wavelengths of objects or ideas. Unless and until one's very psychic existence is converted into a point, one cannot move or dance according to the wavelengths of objects or ideas. This occult power acquired through positive microvita is called “ańimá”.

Laghimá makes the mind light, free from the bondages of so many liabilities. This carefree mind, freed from the fetters of materialistic bondages, can understand and think properly. So by dint of this occult power, one may understand any idea, subtle or crude, in the abstract realm.

Unless you understand how much pain and sorrow is accumulated in others' minds, how many tears well up in their eyes, you cannot alleviate their sorrows and sufferings. Through laghimá, you can acquire this particular power to study others' minds.

The third one is mahimá or expansion of mind. With the help of positive microvita, mind can be expanded. The radius of the mind may cover the entire universe, and we may have ideas about different subjects even without reading books and literature. And in this way, too, we may feel our oneness with the varied entities of this universe – unity in variety, unity in diversity. By associating our benevolent thoughts with each and every entity, we will contribute to universal progress and prosperity.

Iishitva enables the spiritual aspirant to guide other minds who suffer from different psychic ailments. So many people in this world are crying in pain and agony. So many miseries and afflictions have paralysed human beings physically and mentally. In leading this afflicted humanity to their physical progress and psychic well-being, this occult power of iishitva will help you tremendously. It can be achieved through positive microvita which is in turn acquired through the regular practice of cult. By sitting idle and crying constantly one cannot achieve this.

Vashvitva helps a person to bring defective ideas, or people goaded by defective ideas, unto the path of supreme greatness. If people are to be guided towards their definite progress, they will first have to be brought under one's control. If such people work haphazardly and do not follow the right path, they cannot be expected to reach the state of welfare. So, if you really want to help people, you will have to bring them under control and then direct them along the right path to their goal. This occult power can be achieved through positive microvita.

Prakámya or the right mode of thinking aimed at promoting universal welfare, brings light to the entire universe. Through this occult power, spiritual aspirants acquire what is needed to serve the entire world.

Prápti means helping oneself and helping the souls of so many people to acquire and be benefited by the grace of the supreme.

And the eighth one is antaryámitva – to be able to enter within the ectoplasmic or endoplasmic structures of others, and thereby to know the pains and pleasures, the hopes, aspirations and longings of others to guide them properly. It is somewhat like the transmigration of souls. Regarding this eighth occult power, spiritual cult alone will not suffice – it requires the special grace of Parama Puruśa.

There is yet another occult power – the power of omniscience, to be all-knowing. This power of omniscience cannot be achieved only through the practice of cult, nor with the help of positive microvita – one must reach the height of devotion and achieve the grace of the supreme. Otherwise, even if people dash their heads against a wall, they still cannot acquire omniscience with the help of positive microvita.

And above all occult powers is the supreme knowledge – ensconcement in Parama Puruśa. This is not only a sort of omniscience, rather it elevates the aspirant to be one with the supreme cognitive faculty. Of course, those who are already endowed with devotion will automatically acquire this power.

Bhaktih bhagavato sevá, bhaktih prema svarúpińii,
Bhaktiránanda rúpáca, bhaktih bhaktasya jiivanam.

“Devotion means service unto the Lord. Devotion is of the nature of selfless love. Devotion is bliss incarnate. Devotion is the very life of the devotee.”

Devotion means working in the service of the Supreme according to His satisfaction. Without devotion, one's mind cannot rise beyond the pituitary gland – if one wants to take the mind beyond that, one needs devotion. So the supreme spiritual progress of microcosms is never possible without devotion.

If you have devotion, you can call Parama Puruśa to you; He will certainly come to you, rather He must come to you. For this, you may or may not have anything else, but if you have devotion, you have everything. By dint of that, one attains Parama Puruśa, one becomes identified with Him. This is the summum bonum of human life.

Regarding prema or selfless love, it is said:

Samyauṋmasrńito shánto mamatvátishayáunkitah;
Bháva sá eva sándrátmá budhaeh prema nigadyate.

“The attitude which makes the mind smooth and placid, and radiant with the deepest love for the Lord, is called “bháva”. Wise people call this “prema” or “divine love”.

Prema is the attraction for Parama Puruśa overcoming the attraction for all other finite objects. Those who are endowed with such divine love are bound to receive the grace of Parama Puruśa – they need not worry about it. If they practise the spiritual cult regularly, positive microvita are sure to help them. Those who arouse devotion through action and knowledge are certain to attain the grace of Parama Puruśa. This grace need not be huge in quantity – even a wee bit of it will be enough.

Mahatkrpayaeva bhagavatkrpáleshádvá.

“One can attain the supreme stance by the blessings of the exalted ones, as well as a wee bit of Macrocosmic grace.”

Only such people endowed with the grace of the supreme are in the best position to render maximum service to this universe.

While practising spiritual cult, it should be remembered that spiritual aspirants must not practise in order to acquire these occult powers. The goal of spiritual practice is to realize the Supreme Entity. To search for any other thing is wrong. Occult powers are just like the dust on the roadside. The attraction for Parama Puruśa is the most valuable object – all else is only the dust of the earth.

Hence the spiritual aspirant must not run after these inconsequential occult powers, although while prasticing spiritual cult they may develop. You must not forget that all your achievements must maintain adjustment with the main propensities of the mind, and in the process of adjustment, all these eight types of occult powers present themselves to the spiritual aspirant.

Sádhaná starts in the plane of physicality and moves towards the physico-psychic plane. This first phase of sádhaná is performed by the “doer I”. Then from the physico-psychic plane to the pure psychic plane, and from the pure psychic plane to the psycho-spiritual plane – this portion of sádhaná is done by the “knower I”.

In the final stage of sádhaná, the pure spiritual phase, none of these can help the spiritual aspirant; even positive and negative microvita cannot function above the psycho-spiritual level, beyond the pituitary gland. No vibration is of any help. In such circumstances, finally you will have to depend on the grace of the supreme and nothing else. One is obliged to declare, Brahmakrpáhi kevalam, that is, the grace of Parama Puruśa is everything.

Everything in this universe is created, everything survives and everything ultimately dissolves in and through Him. Regarding this Supreme Entity, the scriptures say,

Yato vishvaḿ samudhútaḿ
Yena játaiṋca tiśthati;
Yasmin sarváni liiyanta
Jineyam tadbrama lakśanach.

“Out of the grace of the supreme, the universe has emerged; due to His grace, the universe preserves its existence; and because of His grace, everything will finally dissolve in Him.”

So the final word in the realm of spirituality is the supreme grace of Parama Puruśa. Intelligent people will understand this supreme truth and move accordingly. It is true not only in the physical level, nor in the physico-psychic level, nor in the psychic, nor in the psycho-spiritual level, but in all levels.

Finally, whatever you say or think, everything is finally embedded in the grace of Parama Puruśa. The sooner this fundamental truth is realized, the better it will be for all.

4 June 1989 DMC, Anandanagar
Published in:
Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]
Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 18

Microvita and Cosmology

In human beings and other animals, some propensity or other is either activated or slowed down by the impact of different inferences at various stages. Though this is not an easy subject, the impact that the inferences have at various stages on the body, mind, propensities, mass, hormones, etc. must be studied. We have to study the impact of inferences on the human body, the human mind and human psycho-spirituality.

The inferences of sound, touch, form, taste and smell all operate on different planes and their effects are also different. “Doer I” or Krta Puruśa is the concentrated form of positive and negative microvita in the universal arena, maintaining equilibrium – functioning in the arena of the universe. Positive microvita are utilized for physico-psycho-spiritual practice. Energy is “knower I” or Jiṋa Puruśa, plus and minus the microvita passing through the universe. Sádhaná is not possible without taking proper food because the vital energy one derives from food is a transformed form of other energies. Only positive and negative microvita will not do – vital energy is also required.

Microvita come from outer space, from the extended universe and the universal planes, through sound and other inferences. Sound and other inferences have various planes, stages and phases. Microvita pass through the different phases of these inferences. Positive microvita are concerned with energy or the psychic realm and negative microvita are concerned with the physical body because the physical body contains inferences, that is, matter. Matter is clearly associated with inferences – the original planes of inferences or the reflected or refracted planes of inferences. For example, mind receives the odour of a rose flower, but in the microcosmic plane of odour. This odour encourages certain propensities and discourages others. The mind certainly runs towards propensities, but one cannot achieve success by suppressing the propensities because more energy will be consumed in this effort. One has to divert the propensities by learning the art of pratyáhára.

Now, the question is, How do positive and negative microvita maintain both equilibrium and equipoise in the universal strata – in the physical, physico-psychic, psychic and psycho-spiritual realms?

Microvita have nothing to do directly with the spiritual stratum. Positive microvita equal negative microvita – that is, the sum total of positive microvita equals the sum total of negative microvita. This is so in the entire macrocosm and in individual microcosmic structures. If there is over-utilization of positive microvita during psychic and psycho-spiritual practices, then there will be a shortage of positive microvita for balancing the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata, because the sum total of positive and negative microvita must balance each other. Thus, human beings should utilize their strength in all the strata. In the physical strata, utilize the immense power of negative microvita, otherwise the surplus of the negative microvita will become very strong due to accumulation. Good people should not go to the Himalayan caves. Rather, remaining in society, they should serve the society in the physical and physico-psychic strata with the help of negative microvita, and in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata with the help of positive microvita. If good people neglect the use of negative microvita in the physical stratum, catastrophes are sure to come. Everything will be in pell mell order.

1) Supreme Universal Entity (Nirvisheśa).

(The Supreme Cognitive Principle and the Supreme Cognitive Creative Faculty +/- maintaining universal equilibrium and equipoise).

2) Supreme Attributional Principle (Savisheśa).

Subjective Objective
(A) Knowing principle or su- pra-mundane knowledge. (Expressed energies of different characters – indestructible, interchangeable and inter-transmutable.) (A) Planes of microcosmic and Macrocosmic propensities. (Different strata of mind: conscious, subconscious, physico-psychic, psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual.)
(B) Doing principle or supra-mundane seed of the actional principle, ready for being sprouted. (Microvita of different characters, either of positive or negative nature, collectively maintaining the balance of the actional universe creating initial forms of carbon atoms that help macro- and micro-propensities in having their pure physical auxiliary media with mass and wonts.) (B) Planes of universal Macrocosmic inferences and their reflected or refracted inferences. (Planes of inferences which are being activated, accelerated and stimulated by (A) subjective.)

(A) subjective relates to and controls (B) objective and (B) subjective relates to and controls (A) objective.

(A) subjective is the field of psycho-spiritual laboratory research and (B) objective is the field of external laboratory research. In the case of (A) subjective, results cannot come within external laboratory tests.

This is a new line of thinking – a new philosophical approach. Here “knower I” or “doer I” are not necessarily the mahat, aham or citta of philosophy. It is a new school of philosophical thought – it has no connection with mahat, aham and citta. New Saḿskrta terms will have to be created:

“Knower ‘I'” is Jiṋa Puruśa
“Doer ‘I'” is Krta Puruśa
“Abstract” is Bhávastha
“Non-attributional” is Nirvisheśa
“Attributional” is Savisheśa

Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction.

There should not be negative use of negative microvita and there must not be negative use of positive microvita. You should always be positive. In the physical sciences, there are immense possibilities for the positive use of negative microvita. Positive and negative microvita are both necessary for balance. Due to the excessive use of positive microvita, it will become difficult to control and balance the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata because there will be a shortage of positive microvita. You must not run after occult powers.

In communist and capitalist countries, there is plenty of unutilized positive microvita because of the excessive use of negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata in the society. That is why there is the problem of immorality etc. there. There must be full utilization of the accumulated excess positive microvita through sádhaná, service, etc. to solve this problem.

By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. This is due to the fact that the energy which is packaged up in matter comes out. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc. Matter needs a shelter, and the shelter of matter is the earth. This is the secret.

When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted. The unit cannot have the original inference. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity. This is psycho- spiritual practice in the last phase.

There are 51 propensities in men. Positive microvita elevate the upgrading propensities, but the field of activity for negative microvita is the Manipur Cakra and below. Suppose the application of negative microvita in the region just below the Manipur Cakra helps to cure the fear complex in a sádhaka. At the same time it may also provide courage. But negative microvita can also do harm to others.

If one uses positive microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata as in the case of Avidyá Tántrikas, it will create imbalance affecting spiritual growth. By excessive use of positive microvita, balance will again be lost.

10 June 1989, Calcutta
Published in:
Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]

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