What is Internal Coherence

Internal Coherence simply means that consciousness is in control. In terms of heart and brain diagnostics and biofeedback, it means working with biology's own system of harmonically fusing emotional and mental waves or vibrations into a single, self-enforcing flow.

Why is it important?
The reason why Internal Coherence is important is quite prozaic: to prevent degeneration. Without internal coherence, automatic, "fight or flight" type of reaction patterns will prevail and control your mind, resulting in less peacefulness, less liberty, less progress, less contentedness, more stress and at the end of the day, living someone else's life.


Why is it different?
As a diagnostic and training modality it is different from stress- or (other) disorder oriented methods (such as Institute of Heart Math's "physiologial coherence" or Neurofeedback). Firstly, because it is based on a positive definition of psycho-physiological health. Also it is completely natural, as it only detects and amplifies the body and mind's natural way of increasing internal coherence. Secondly, unlike other methods, internal coherence is transformational - it helps lift the mind to a higher plane.

Is the concept of internal coherence new?
In fact it is as old as life itself, because internal coherence is what distinguishes life from the non-living, but the concept of measuring it for diagnostic and training purposes is revolutionary. Generally, all "bliss-practices" (religious, spiritual, shamanic, etc..) are aimed at increasing emotional and mental coherence. Internal coherence diagnosis and biofeedback specifically are based on anchient sources such as Sankhya philosophy, on the more contemporary work of the Indian preceptor Shrii P.R. Sarkar, as well as on published research from the 1990's, from Institute of Heart Math, along with private research into the sub-wave fabric of life. Also there are some interesting connections with Chinese cosmology and - traditional medicine.

What are the benefits of Internal Coherence?
In short, the benefits are comparable with that of a sustained sentient lifestyle, including regular meditation, but without the typical practical, cultural, sentimental, etc. aspects. Emotional coherence training increases a feeling of connectedness, empathy, blissfulness. Mentally, internal coherence helps to stay tuned, increase self-awareness and raise the level of conscious self-management. In other words, the primary goal lies in centering oneself in a subtler, transformative psychology, while practical benefits will naturally result from it.

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