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CardioGem Training

Visualizing the hidden knowledge of the heart


In this training you will learn about the latest developments and applications of cardiac coherence.

The heart mediates all information from the brain, the body and the senses, and is from moment to moment involved with all our reactions.

The universal wisdom of the heart to come to an adequate, balanced reaction is Internal Cardiac Coherence. It is a source of joy and of "true knowledge", which can be made visible through measurement and which has a positive effect on our health and self-healing ability.

On a personal level, you can experience what it is to improve your internal heart coherence. As a therapist, you can see how your client reacts to stimuli that concern the heart. With simple training, you can make your client aware of the importance of heart coherence.

In the training you learn to measure internal heart coherence, and to use it also as biofeedback.

For whom
For anyone who wants to know more about the effects of internal cardiac coherence on our minds. This is approached according to Western as well as Eastern insights.

What you learn
- Different types of heart measurements
- Difference between "physiological coherence" and "internal coherence"
- The influence of respiration on the heart and heart coherence
- The influence of emotions on heart coherence
- The influence of heart coherence on the emotional experience
- How to influence heart coherence through biofeedback
- Learning how to read heart measurements
- Working with the CardioGem

Morning: theory
Afternoon: practice