Internal Cardiac Coherence biofeedback
See and feel the inner coherence of your heart in the world's most beautiful natural settings

The unique combination of direct feedback from you heart's harmonics soaring into higher spaces, with enchanting, endlessly flowing sceneries and calming music creates an unforgettable healing or training experience.

ICC biofeedback with the CardioGem transports you into an immersive sensory experience of a subtle, psychic space associated with emotional quiescence, and hightened awareness, making you feel the attraction of Consciousness itself.

The CardioGem biofeedback environment offers different training stages, related to breathing and relaxation, and to Internal Cardiac Coherence respectively. The following options are available:

  • Simple, rhythmic (or: monotonic) breathing with an in-scene breathing pacer and optional heart rate biofeedback. This is very helpful for relaxation and stress-reduction. Not only the breating rhythm can be adjusted, for example to the baroflex rhythm, but also the inhalation / exhalation balance can be adjusted.

  • Auto-baroreflex training*. This is like the first stage, where the rhythm is automatically fine-tuned through reciprocal adjustment, to match your precise baroreflex rhythm at that moment. This has a deeper balancing effect on your whole system, while your mind and body become better adjusted.
    * Not yet commercially available.

  • Internal Cardiac Coherence Training. The visual biofeedback signal (by default a soap bubble freely floating through the landscape) instantaneously rewards the transient ICC states. This is the Harmonic Tuning of the ECG and HRV spectra, aimed at creating an emotionally and mentally uplifting experience.

  • Dynamic Index Training. The biofeedback signal rewards the actual ICC efficiency over a significant time window (by default 16 s.). The purpose is to provide a biofeedback modality helping to stimulate the HRV and integrate ICC in daily life. This is the most advanced and somewhat more challenging form of biofeedback, in part because of the level of advancement of the training itself, as well as the fact that the biofeedback is not completely instantaneous, but an average of the choosen window.

CardioGem Biofeedback Screen

CardioGem Dynamic Index Biofeedback - Entraining Internal Cardiac Coherence effectiveness
based on real-time statistic analysis of an (adjustable) ICC history interval (typically 16 seconds).

What can Internal Cardiac Coherence biofeedback do for you?

  • Transport you into a unique emotionally and mentally uplifing experience
  • Help you get in touch with your innermost resources, to develop increasing levels of emotional control and self-management
  • Help you to create a healthy self-affirmative state of mind, to clear past issues in a gentle way, reducing the need of judgment of yourself or others
  • Provide a congenial point of reference, a conscious space to return to which is relaxing but not inactivating, stimulating but not enforcing, rewarding but not challenging

How to do ICC biofeedback

Stress- and anxiety control is an important basis, but not the ultimate goal. The difference is that of feeling relaxed for a while, versus the truly empowered feeling of staying connected and in tune with that innermost space where great thoughts and feelings are created.

During the FIRST STAGE of Harmonic Entrainment the emphasis lies on maximizing Internal Cardiac Coherence, that is, entraining the subtle psychic states of quiescence and focused awareness. The purpose of this type of biofeedback is to get the experience and develop a baseline .

The SECOND STAGE is an advanced form of "slow" biofeedback. In this case, not the ICC (Internal Cardiac Coherence) signal but the Dynamic Index (allover effective internal heart coherence) is used as a biofeedback cue. This helps you to entrain optimal balance between heart coherence and practical life. This biofeedback method also automatically disallows "false coherence" as a result of low HRV. In other words, this advanced training helps you to maximum integrate and utilize your subtle, psychic resources. The Dynamic Index biofeedback interval is adjustable, a typical value is 16 seconds. In other words, you will not get the classical, instant biofeedback, but the avaraged result (histogram) of the last 16 seconds.

General suggestions for biofeedback - it's all but one about things NOT to do:

  • Do NOT do Harmonic Entrainment biofeedback too long and too often. It looks and feels (and is) innocent yet it can be powerful, and you may not feel the result immediately. A typical biofeedback session lasts 10 to 20 minutes. In a training course, you will do it once or twice a day.
  • Try NOT to "control". Don't force yourself to have the instant gratification of a life altering biofeedback experience you can talk about on birthday parties. Have some patience until you "catch the cosmic wave". Let the system do the work. Your own system recognizes what's going on way before you do, and knows better how to respond than you do.
  • Do NOT gaze at the "coherence bubble" all the time. Just enjoy the music and scenery, like you would normally. You can also close your eyes now and then. Try to relate to the biofeedback bubble the way you relate to a person you're very close to, our identify yourself with it, i.e. with an open heart.
  • If you just are not coherent, do NOT resist the feedback on that, as that might cause some frustration. It may not feel completely pleasant and soothing at the moment, but still the effect will be there.
  • Simply ENJOY to let it work for you, stay focused but don't be too serious, so that you make it a wonderful, transformational experience!