The CardioGem ® program, based on long standing research and the newest scientific insights and developments puts you at the leading edge of understanding, diagnosing and entraining the true power of internal cardiac coherence.

Internal Coherence is associated with an increased feeling of:

  • Deep emotional quiescence, as a result of increased empathy, openness and connectedness, and
  • Mental serenity, as a result of increased self-awareness, enhancing confidence and individual presence

Importantly, these are not mere "passive" conditions, but ENGAGING and ACTIVE states. Practical benefits in personal life are increased emotional control and therefore better self-management and improved efficiency.

When your body and mind are coherent, things don't necessarily cost less effort, but "effort costs less effort". This leads to a sense of wellbeing, personal significance and co-creativeness.

Internal coherence is the weaving of your complete emotional make-up into one single flow, transporting you into the center of your being. Research has shown that in the heart's "slow-wave" (emotional) spectrum, fractality optimized by Golden Ratio is nature's "secret" to make this happen.

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Sept. 2013 - NEW movie: CardioGem® Internal Cardiac Coherence (ICC) biofeedback - enjoy flying through neverending scenery while entraining emotional coherence and deep serenity through direct experience

What can CardioGem Biofeedback do for you?

  • It helps you to create a healthy self-affirmative state of mind to clear past issues in a nice way, reducing the need of judgment of yourself or others
  • It provides an ever present point of reference, a space to return to which is relaxing but not inactivating, stimulating but not enforcing
  • It makes you realize and connect with your innermost resources of inspiration and motivation for mental strength, and of vital energy for emotional strength, to develop increasing levels of emotional control and self-management